Our world is getting more and more dangerous every year. Self-defense training is no longer just for martial arts enthusiast, police, or military. It is essential for absolutely everyone! That is why I teach my own unique self-defense class. In my self-defense class, you will learn much more than you will in a regular martial arts class.

  • You will learn the basic foundations of boxing, kick-boxing, muay-tai, and karate

  • You will learn all the skills you need to know to defend yourself including: striking, kicks, blocks, elbow strikes, knees strikes, correct stances, essential footwork, leg blocks, bobbing, and weaving.

  • I integrate all of these martial arts to formulate a complete self-defense package.

  • You will become more secure and confident in your fighting ability!


  • One Hour – $100

  • 4 Sessions $300

  • 8 Sessions $500