Learn the art of boxing and kick-boxing from a 3-Time World Champion! In this class, Grandmaster Eddie Mapula will teach you all the tricks of the trade and the skills that you need to become a champion. When you want to learn a skill, learn it from the best. Grandmaster Eddie Mapula has proven himself to be the best at what he does. He is a 3-Time World Kick-Boxing Champion! And now you can learn the same skills that he used to become the best!

  • You will learn how the correct stances, strikes, blocks, and combinations.

  • You will learn the most effective moves for the ring.

  • You will learn through hands on sparring.

  • Improve your mental and physical strength!

  • You will learn to combine the skills of both boxing and kick-boxing in a unique way that will produce maximum confidence and results!

  • You will improve your confidence by learning the proper combinations.

  • You will develop strong self-awareness and an understanding of the game.

  • Learn how to understand and read your opponent’s skills and reactions.



  • One Hour – $100

  • 4 Sessions $300

  • 8 Sessions $500