Are you ready to change your life? If so, call and start changing your mind, body, and life today! This high-powered class is the most complete conditioning class that you will find! It integrates weight training, aerobic fitness, boxing, kick-boxing, and karate to form an amazing cross-training program.

  • This class will help you with your overall physical conditioning.

  • It will increase your endurance, your coordination, and your balance.

  • Your form, rhythm, and timing will be honed like a professional fighter!

  • Your mental focus will greatly increase.

  • You will see a great increase in your motor skills.

  • Your overall strength and energy will increase!

  • This class is not just for martial artists. Everyone can benefit from this class!

  • The Mapula System is a fast-paced, fun class that ensures long-lasting results!


  • One Hour – $100

  • 4 Sessions $300

  • 8 Sessions – $500